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technical information bulletins

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Marklin Signal Manual
   0340 - English version of the Marklin Signal Manual  
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            print PDF files. Download from Adobe's Web site.

Decoder installation
   D.1   Instructions for Installing c80 Digital Decoders

Locomotive Schematics
   Exploded views and parts lists for older locomotives

Bulletin #1/1999
   1.1   Instructions for Installing New Digital Decoders
   1.2   72441 Signal Module
   1.3   Class 86 and Digital High-Efficiency Propulsion
   1.4   Engineer's cab lighting that can be retrofitted

Bulletin #2/1999

   2.1  Installing Sound Effects Electronics in Older 1 Gauge Models
   2.2  Displaying and Storing Locomotives
   2.3  Pickup Shoe Changeover on the ICE 2
   2.4  Installing the 60960 in Cars to Control Lighting


   Decoder settings for DELTA engines

Spare Parts

   Tires, bulbs, pickup shoes, pantographs

Railroad Eras
   Description of historic and modern railroad periods