Master Status & Control

Solenoids & Detectors:

From this screen, you can view and control all your digital switches, signals, engines, and contact track sections. In this example, you are viewing the status of solenoids 1-112 and contact tracks 1-64. You can configure TPL to change the combination of solenoids and contact tracks you want to view.

Clicking on a solenoid instantly sends a command through the Interface to change its position -- and this change can be seen in the grid below as the solenoid's picture changes color.


Clicking on an engine number in the ENGINES grid section adjusts its speed. A click with the left button increases the speed; clicking with the right button reduces the speed. By holding down either button, the speed can be increased/decreased continuously. A click on the cell to the right of each engine number turns on/off each digital engine's function (lights, smoke, or Telex).

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