Some Neat Train Photos from Leipzig

Please note:

These photos are here for your enjoyment, and I do hope you will indeed enjoy them. If you want larger, high-resolution versions to print for your enjoyment or use as a wallpaper or screensaver, please e-mail your request.

All photos are Copyrighted (c), Robert Frowenfeld, 2009. All rights reserved.


DB BR 52 Steam Locomotive

DRG SVT 137 "Flying Hamburger" Diesel Locomotive

E04 Electric Locomotive

And the E04's successor, the E44 Electric Locomotive

E94 Articulated (German "Crocodile) Electric Locomotive

OK, not an old one, but a nice shot of a DB 120 Electric Locomotive

Oops, sorry -- I couldn't resist -- the food in Germany is just incredible!  Enjoy the view!

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