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The patented "Limited Slip Roller" type of Rail Cleaner is a relatively new and different concept in rail (and wheel) cleaning. It is not only remarkably effective, but it also has significant advantages over other products previously available for this purpose.

The cleaner is a weighted absorbent roller that may be saturated with any of a wide variety of available cleaning fluids (or may be used without fluids). The roller is guided along the rails by the frame of the cleaning car. The roller is allowed to "float" and gravity will press it firmly onto the rails. Because there is a small amount of drag concentrated in the roller, it will be slipping (slightly) even when turning. Rail grime is absorbed into the cleaning surface of the roller and removed from the rails (not just smeared around).

The fluid that remains on the rails (before evaporation) will loosen built-up dirt from the wheels of any locomotives and cars that follow. After several passes, the rails and the wheels of all rolling stock should be electrically clean and free from wheel slippage.

Product specifications        Information on dirty track & cleaning

Features Include:

Totally Non-Abrasive - leaves no particles or other matter for secondary clean-up.
Limited Slip Rolling Action that "scrubs" the rails for rapid removal of deposits.
May be used "wet" (recommended for rapid action and wheel cleaning).
May be used "dry" (without fluid to clean the rails more slowly).
Highly Snag and De-rail Resistant because of rolling action.
May be used continuously without harm to rails or wheels.
100% Cleaning Contact with all rails at all times.
The wheels of following cars are also cleaned.
Will NOT damage delicate turn-outs.
Easily replaceable standard trucks.




N (Model D10)

Rail Cleaner - Die-Cast - Metal-wheeled trucks - Rapido couplers

$ 44.00

N (Model D12)

Rail Cleaner - Die-Cast - Micro-Trains trucks / Magne-Matic couplers

$ 48.50

N (Mod 1) Brass

Rail Cleaner - with Metal-wheeled trucks - Rapido couplers

$ 68.00

N (Mod 2) Brass

Rail Cleaner - with Micro-Trains trucks / Magne-Matic couplers

$ 72.50

HO(Mod 2)Brass

Rail Cleaner - Mantua trucks with attached X2F (Horn Hook) couplers

$ 84.00

HO (Model D30)

Rail Cleaner - Die-Cast - Proto 2000 trucks & Accumate knuckle couplers

$ 59.00

HO (Model D32)

Rail Cleaner - Die-Cast - Kadee #500 trucks & Kadee #5 knuckle couplers

$ 69.00

HO (Model D34)

Rail Cleaner - Die-Cast - Proto 2000 trucks & NEM 362 coupler pockets

$ 67.00

HO (Model D35)

Rail Cleaner - Die Cast - Märklín trucks & couplers ( AC wheelsets )

$ 77.00

OO (Model D36)

Rail Cleaner - Die-Cast - Proto 2000 trucks & Tension Lock OO couplers

$ 64.00

S-Gauge Brass

Rail Cleaner - with S-Helper Service die-cast Hi-Rail trucks & couplers

$ 89.00

Sn3 (Model D39)

Rail Cleaner - Die-Cast - with PBL archbar trucks & Kadee #5 couplers

$ 79.00

O-Gauge Brass

Rail Cleaner - Any-Radius 3-Rail - with Weaver trucks & couplers


O-Scale Brass

Rail Cleaner - Two-Rail - with Weaver Scale trucks & couplers


G-Gauge Brass

Rail Cleaner - with Aristo-Craft Sprung trucks / Metal wheels


HOn3 Adapter

Drawbar Adapter - to convert HO (Mod. 2/D30) (Trucks & Couplers not included)

$ 6.00

On3 Adapter

Drawbar Adapter - to convert S-Gauge (Trucks & Couplers are not included)

$ 6.00

Roller Covers

D10/D12/N-1/N-2/HO-1/HO-2/HO-D30/S-1 (specify) - Package of 10

$ 5.00

Roller Covers

O-Gauge / O-Scale - Box of 6 (wash & re-use) with extra pair end-caps

$ 19.00

Roller Covers

G-Gauge - Box of 5 (wash & re-use) with extra pair of end-caps

$ 27.00

Brass Roller

N (D10 / D12) (N-1 / N-2) (specify) - extra knurled brass roller

$ 9.00

Brass Roller

HO-1 / HO-2 / HO-D30 / S-1 (specify) - extra knurled brass roller

$ 12.00


Rail Cleaning Fluid - 8 Ounce bottle

$ 6.50


Rail Cleaning Fluid - 32 Ounce jug

$ 12.75

Product specifications        Information on dirty track & cleaning

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