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The Multi-protocol Digital system
for Motorola, Selectrix and DCC

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Now, one box does it all for your Marklin Digital layout. The Intellibox combines all the functions of these Marklin components:

6021 Control Unit
6036 Control 80f
6051 Computer Interface
6040 Keyboard
feedback for your s88 decoders

Click here for an enlarged view
Click here for an enlarged view

Intellibox: The Uhlenbrock Central Unit
Bright LCD display shows you the currently selected Locomotive numbers as well as their speed and direction. The central section holds information regarding turnout/signal status. Decoder programming is menu-driven. The extremely easy-to-use menu provides ready access to all the features and functions of this versatile unit.

The two rotary encoders allow you to take control of a locomotive starting exactly from its current speed. Pressing the speed dial brings the currently selected locomotive to a stop and reverses direction (just like your old conventional transformers).

One Intellibox instead of many devices -
The Intellibox performs all these functions: Central Unit -- 3A Booster -- Two speed dials -- Keyboard for turnouts and signals -- Computer Interface -- Programmer for all Uhlenbrock and NMRA-compatible decoders.

Completely compatible with all your existing Marklin Hardware -
Take your existing 6035’s, 6036’s, 6040’s -- even your 6021 -- and plug them all directly into the Intellibox. Everything will work as before!

The Central Unit for all digital systems - Connects to many different devices:
Marklin Control 80, Control 80f, Keyboard, Memory and s88 feedback modules
Roco/LGB LokMaus
DigiTrax LocoNet
Lenz and Marklin Boosters
Lenz XBus devices (through LocoNet adapter)
Everything with everything: Mixed simultaneous operation of decoders by different companies and digital systems on the same track (MOTOROLA / DCC / TRIX)
Marklin Motorola Marklin (old and new format)
Marklin Digital= (2-Rail DC)
Modeltreno Digital Line (k83 compatibles)

"Freshness" guarantee: The Intellibox is software upgradeable - just download and go!

"Future-proof" and expandable

Isn’t the Intellibox a clever device?

Supports simultaneous multiple Digital formats
Up to 128 speed steps (for NMRA compatible devices)
Up to 9999 decoders addresses
Virtual addresses -- you’re not locked in to naming your engines 1-80 anymore; "alias" your engine with any id up to 9999
Create up to 10 consists of 2-4 locomotives each for double-, triple- or even quadruple-heading your locomotives
Informative LCD display
Select your language: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese
Extremely intuitive to operate

One Intellibox replaces many different devices

The Intellibox is able to drive digital layouts using either the Marklin-Motorola or the NMRA digital format or TRIX format - or all together! It is a very powerful and extremely compact Central Unit: thanks to its five microprocessors, it is able to provide the functionality of many different devices through a single unit.
Locomotive control - Through the two rotary encoders, two locomotives at a time can be steered independently.
Keyboard for turnout and signal control for switching up to 256 (Marklin) and/or 2048 (NMRA) electromagnetic devices (turnouts, signals, etc.). Eight of these at a time are directly under your control. The LCD display shows the current status of the currently selected 8 devices.
Powerful 3A Booster can power several locomotives simultaneously. Track voltage adjustable for gauge N and H0.
Built-in computer Interface - Connect directly to a computer. Allows you to operate your layout through a computer.
Programmer - Programming Uhlenbrock and NMRA decoders is extremely simple and easy: the user interface is menu driven, with clear messages written in your language.

Connections for all types of equipment

The Intellibox can be connected to many different devices. On the backside you can find connectors for the power supply (16VAC transformer), s88 feedback modules, serial interface, Digitrax LocoNet, Roco and LGB LokMaus, Lenz and Marklin Boosters, Programming Track (for decoder programming) and power output for the tracks. Control 80, Control 80f and Control IR, Keyboard and Memory Units made by Marklin and Arnold can be connected to the Intellibox sides.
1:  6-pin socket:
Normal track,
Programming Track

Rear view of the Intellibox
(Rear view of the Intellibox)

2:  3-pin socket: Lenz/DCC Booster
3:  5-pin DIN socket: Lokmaus
4:  6-pin socket: Feedback Bus (s88)
5:  5-pin socket Marklin  Booster
6:  Western-socket: LocoNet B (Booster)
7:  Western-socket: LocoNet T (Throttle)
8:  DB-9 socket: Computer Interface
9:  Side connectors: Marklin I2C-Bus


With the Intellibox you can operate locomotives equipped with digital decoders made by different companies for different digital systems. The following digital signals can be generated at the same time:
Motorola format Uhlenbrock, Marklin, Viessmann
‘New’ (expanded) Motorola format (Gauge I) Uhlenbrock, Marklin
NMRA format Roco, Arnold, LGB, Lenz, Digitrax, etc...
Trix format


The built-in serial interface can also be used in order to upgrade the Intellibox software: no need to open it. Just download from the web and you’re ready to go! The Intellibox is "future proof" and expandable. A true multi-featured Digital System.

Additional Products

Check-out these other products that work with the Intellibox to provide you with a complete array of high-end, great value products to enhance your digital model railroading experience:
IB-Control: Adds two more controllers and all the functionality of the IB
IB-Switch: Controls 40 switches and provides automated route control to your layout
FRED: Tethered remote control for up to 4 different engines
DAISY: Tethered remote control for up to 16 different engines PLUS switches/signals
IRIS: Infrared remote control for locomotives, switches and signals
63340 / 63350 detector modules: for track sensing and route control functions

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