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This is your locomotive This is your locomotive with LokSound!




We offer discounted pricing on individual decoders and special
prices for multiple units and programmers purchased with decoders.
Custom sounds and installation available.

We always have all the Marklin parts necessary to convert
your locomotives from analog to DC (permanent magnet) motors.
(armatures, magnets, motor shields, screws, bulbs, bulb holders, solder tabs, etc.)

Please call or e-mail for details.

All new ESU decoders now in stock:
   LokPilot2, LokPilot mfx, Loksound v3.5, Loksound v3.5 mfx, etc. 



Sale Price

Decoders with Sound

LokSound2 - Decoder
   Includes NMRA plug, speaker and manual
$ 115.-- Call
for the
LokSound V3.5 - Decoder
   Includes NMRA plug, speaker and manual
$ 139.--
LokSound mfx - Decoder
   Includes NMRA plug, speaker and manual
$ 159.--
LokSoundXL- V3.5 Decoder Gauge O, I, G, IIm
   Includes manual                       
$ 229.--

Decoders w/o Sound

LokPilot V2.0 - Decoder (Gauge HO, O)
   Includes NMRA plug/manual
$  35.-- Call
the best
LokPilot mfx - Decoder (Gauge HO, O)
   Includes NMRA plug/manual
$  70.--
LokPilot micro DCC - Decoder (Gauge N, HO,O)
   Includes NMRA plug and manual
$  30.--


LokSound Programmer for programming all ESU decoders.  Includes CD-Rom, serial cable, manual $ 159.-- Call


LokSound Speakers $    9.50  
LokSoundXL Speakers $  12.50

   What is V3.5 ???  

 Analog Sound (=DC sound) The LokSound V3.5 can be used on conventional DC layouts. Here you will hear all the prime mover diesel sounds like diesel start, diesel idle, diesel moving, braking squeals etc. Of course, the sounds are synchronized to the operation condition (this means load dependent sound, accelerating sounds etc.)
Analog Back EMF (=DC back EMF) The LokSound V3.5 controls the motor with back EMF function also in DC mode.  Therefore the user will have full control over the motor also in DC mode.  User can set the minimum speed, the maximum speed, the acceleration time, the deceleration time. Further, the slow running performance will be much better.
Doppler effect LokSound V3.5 offers a Doppler function. This can be activated by the horn /whistle key.
User-adjustable Sound volumes With LokSound V3.5 the user can individually control the volume for prime mover (=diesel/steam), horn/whistle, Bell and the auxiliary functions. This can be done by adjusting CVs.  Further, a user can control the volume of the decoder by using a function key of the command stations throttle. No need for programming!
Helper-Function LokSound V3.5 offers a easy to use helper mode. The user can select, whether the engine runs:

   -   stand alone
   -   head-of-consist
   -   mid-of-consist
   -   end-of-consist

By just adjusting a single CV value. The decoder that enables / disables certain functions: for example in a consist, the horn and bell is active on the first engine only, whereas the prime mover sound is on for all engines.

F13 to F20 According to latest editions of NMRA DCC, we have integrated function keys F13 to F20.
Consist mode CVs For LokSound V3.5, the user can now influence the behavior of the function keys by CV 21, CV 22. These CVs are added.
Load-dependent-sound The load-Dependent sound can be switched off.

  The LokSound2 fits neatly in a Marklin Swiss 460 Electric engine! 


Original Loksound2

Loksound 2 decoder
(new smaller format)

Marklin 60902 (603617) decoder

Available decoders:

  Loksound2 Decoders 
    Item # Description
Steam   52401 Universal 2 Cylinder (ex: BR 99)
  52402 Universal 3 Cylinder (ex: BR 44)
  52403 Universal 2/4 Cylinder (ex: BR 01)
  52404 BR38, P8, BR 17
  52405 S 3/6, BR 18.4
  52407 BR 03
  52408 BR 23
  52410 BR 50
  52411 Universal US (Big Boy, Mikado)
  52412 Universal US (10-wheeler, Hudson)
NEW 52413 BR 80
  52417 BR 06
NEW 52418 BR 05
NEW 52419 BR 18 201
NEW 52420 BR 55
NEW 52421 BR 64
NEW 52422 BR 78
NEW 52423 BR 93
NEW 52425 BR 41
Diesel NEW  52430 V 36
  52431 V 60
  52432 V 100
  52433 Universal Diesel (BR218)
  52436 Universal US-Diesel (F7-Type)
  52438 Diesel Nohab
  52439 Diesel Triebwagen VT11
  52440 Diesel Triebwagen SVT18, BR175
  52441 Diesel Triebwagen VT628
NEW  52442  BR 232
NEW  52444 PA-1
NEW  52446 V 200
NEW  52448 V 320
NEW  52449 ICE VT
NEW  52450 VT 08
NEW  52451 VT 610
NEW  52452 VT 650
NEW  52454 VT 98
NEW  52455 V 80
Electric   52460 E 10 / 110
  52461 E 40 / 141
  52462 Universal E-Lok (BR 75)
  52463 E 03 / 103
  52464 E 94 / 194
  52465 E 120
  52466 E 150
  52467 ICE
  52468 Re 460
NEW 52469 E 143
NEW 52470 E 44
NEW 52472 Re 4/4 II
NEW 52473 Taurus
NEW 52474 Ae 6/6
  LoksoundXL Decoders 
    Item # Description
Steam   52501 Universal 2 Cylinder (ex: BR 99)
  52502 Universal 3 Cylinder (ex: BR 44)
  52503 Universal 2/4 Cylinder (ex: BR 01)
  52504 BR38, P8, BR 17
  52505 S 3/6, BR 18.4
NEW 52507 BR 03
  52510 BR 50
  52512 Universal US (Big Boy, etc.) 
  52513 BR 80
  52514 BR 91
NEW 52520 BR 55
NEW 52522 BR 78
NEW 52526 Sachs. IV K
Diesel   52530 V 36
  52531 V 60
  52532 V 100
  52533 Universal Diesel (BR218)
  52534 Köf
  52536 Universal US Diesel (F7, etc.) 
NEW 52546 V 200
Electric   52560 E 10 / 110
  52561 E 40 / 140
  52563 E 03 / 103
NEW 52564 E 94 / 194
NEW 52566 E 150
  52569 Crocodile
NEW 52570 E 44
NEW 52571 GE 4/4

The ESU Product Catalog:

LokSound2 decoder available since 2001 succeeds the LokSound “Classic” decoder and can be used for H0 and 0 gauge as well as small gauge 1 engines. The decoder recognizes the DCC- and Motorola protocol, can be operated in analog AC or DC mode and controls AC (universal) / DC.- and coreless motors. It’s biggest strength is the second generation load control as well as numerous programming possibilities with DCC and Marklin systems.

LokPilotDCC is the second generation of LokPilot for the discerning DCC user.

LokSoundXL is the consequent development of the revolutionary LokSound concept and our answer to the demands of modelers of larger gauges. The LokSoundXL decoder has been equipped with all features necessary for optimal operation of G and 1 gauge models.
There is a speaker for every decoder. As the speaker is crucial for excellent sound reproduction, we have developed a large range of specially matched speakers for each decoder type.

The LokProgrammer perfectly complements our decoders. LokProgrammer is ideal for setting all CVs as well as sound effects easily and comfortably.

Additional Information:


"Digital command control with original sound"

This motto best describes the LokSound-decoder family. All LokSound decoders combine a high quality digital decoder and a digital sound module. You can drive your locomotives digitally and at the same time replay the original sound of your locomotive as well as special sound effects such as horn or whistle. The combination of the digital multiple train mechanism with the original sound offers a range of possibilities which convince everybody. The sound is adjusted to the particular driving mode at any point in time: when the loco starts moving, you hear the appropriate sounds (diesel engine revving up, steam chuffs with increasing frequency) and when it stops, you hear the engine slow down and also braking sounds. You won’t have any problems with space within the model as one circuit board combines decoder and sound module.


It offers all features and functions, which you could expect in a decoder today, and many more.
All LokSound decoders

  • are suitable for DC and AC operation regardless of the motor type (even core less motors)
  • provide smooth and noiseless motor control due to it’s HF output
  • can be used with almost any digital system: Maerklin 6021, Lenz digital plus, Roco digital is cool, LGB MZS, Uhlenbrock IntelliBox, Zimo (DCC), Wangrow System One, NCE, Arnold Digital (DCC)
  • recognize the protocol of the digital system automatically
    assure constant speed due to it’s load control on any gradient - up- or down
  • support almost all DCC-features such as acceleration, deceleration, maximum speed, minimum speed, and locomotive address
  • protect the motor output through overload protection
    operate the headlights (including dimmable output)
  • have 1, 2 or 6 additional function outputs e.g. for smoke generators, interior lighting, telex coupling, raising or lowering the pantograph ditch lights
  • are easy to operate. Free function mapping allows assigning most outputs to any function key.
  • offer a programmable speed curve



Realistic sounds – as in the real world – can easily be reproduced with the sound module, because the original sounds are memorized digitally on a chip. The sound module offers a new and fascinating model world full of sound.

  • Two separate channels (e.g. channel 1: steam engine sound + channel 2: whistle) replay the original sounds
  • The sound module is available in a large number of pre-recorded generic sounds, e.g. 2- or 3-cylinder steam engine, diesel engine, electric locomotive
  • Synchronized chuffs matching the speed of the locomotive vary in pitch, volume and frequency.
  • Sound speed can be synchronized with the drivers by means of external sensors or by speed step control.
  • The large capacity of the memory chip allows complex sound effects (e.g. typical noise of a stationary steam engine: coal shoveling, water pump, steam release, dynamo - at random) makes your model train more authentic than ever.
  • The reproduced sounds is adapted to the particular driving mode. Up to 6 individual sound effects can be triggered with the function keys.
  • Any memorized sound fragment can be changed any time.
  • The LokProgrammer allows the recording of individual sound fragments and thus allows you to create your on personal sound files and effects.

To suit the variety of models in different gauges LokSound-decoders are available in various sizes.

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